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Enrica Rocca runs a cooking school beyond the ordinary. She’s an Italian cook of note and a flamboyant and passionate chef and restaurateur. She has Italian cooking in her blood and a contagious zest for life and food. Her dishes use two or three ingredients at most, well chosen, cooked with simplicity and brought to the table with gusto. Measurements are made by eye, timing done by instinct

David Baker
Financial Times

The school is housed inside the family palazzo. She says never have a recipe in mind before going shopping at the market at the start of her classes, which have no more than 8 students at any one time

Alexander Lobrano

To take part in her lessons is more similar to the idea of a party than that of a class and the view from your seat, experiencing the best food in Venice, is beyond price

Mark C. O'Flaherty
The Independent

Few people in our country know that Enrica Rocca is becoming the gastronomic ambassador of the world

Silvia Bombelli
Il Sole 24 Ore


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