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Passion, professionalism, experience, creativity:  these are the key elements embodied by Enrica Rocca. Extensive knowledge of the world of international food and ingredients and a true passion for the culinary arts provide the capacity to work with renowned companies world-wide offering ideas and solutions styled specifically to meet individual requirements. Giving ‘savour’ – a heady and heavily loaded mixture of taste, smell and piquancy - to your own brand and its activities, requires the same logic as a well-made recipe: it is a question of balance! Drawing on internationally recognised expertise and the values that have made Enrica Rocca a success around the world, a precise analysis of the situation is produced, and advice and support provided.

Enrica Rocca commits to:

Creating a dynamic synergy with your own team

Deciphering your requirements from a new and expert perspective

Providing a clear view of your needs

These values and commitments have resulted in a highly successful collaboration with the iconic international brand, IKEA.  The company aimed to improve upon, and extend their restaurant menus across the world. Enrica Rocca was consulted, and commissioned to work innovatively alongside the IKEA team. The result is a lighter, fresher menu, and a welcome extension to the Swedish culinary base now launched in Switzerland.

International companies draw upon Enrica Rocca’s worldwide reputation and experience; improving the authenticity of their products attracts Italian brands. 

A mixture of highly regarded professionalism, undeniable creativity and ability, and the signature Italian passion for all things food, enables Enrica Rocca consultancy to bring a fresh and tasteful impetus to your company..




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