Once upon a time, there was a cooking Countess...


Born into a great Venetian family, my city and its history are dear to my heart. If ‘La Serenissima’ has always known my family, it was also the origin of my passion for cooking. In the family palace, I never witnessed a meal to which my father – a gourmet cook – had not invited his friends. There were often more than ten people around the table. Those memories of happy moments have influenced my life and career, as much as my encounters with people from all over the world. As a student, I attended the prestigious Hotel Management School of Lausanne in Switzerland, where I sharpened the efficiency of my taste buds and learnt the essential rules of savoir-faire. This is why, from Italy to the United States, to Japan, France, and South Africa, my passion for savour, for sharing, and for conviviality has become my motto.

My skills in creating events, catering for prestigious clients, guiding international companies and hosting cooking lessons, have been my everyday passion for many years; everyday life which, without you, would certainly not have the same taste. Taste that I have the great pleasure in sharing with you through my beautiful recipe book, ‘Venice on a Plate- But What a Plate’, staging the ancestral Murano glass art and my cooking secrets. Taste once again with my Prosecco from the best Venetian vineyards, true ode to the love of life and to the dolce vita. Taste shared with world renowned companies and with you through my authentically crafted products.Taste in my cooking classes in Venice, London and Cape Town where clients discover how to choose the best products, learn how to cook them, and how to enjoy them together – a unique cuisine and an experience painted in the colours of Italy.


Food is passion... and my passion is food!