Venice On A Plate: But What A Plate!

Venetian cooking is, fundamentally, a simple cuisine. Simple ingredients and methods of preparation and the time required for cooking is short, but its history is complex since it is the result of a long process of exchange between East and West.

The Venetian gastronomic tradition is also the product of a highly distinctive landscape, one in which water and land are closely entwined. And so there are fish and shellfish from the lagoon and the nearby Adriatic, vegetables and fruit from the islands in the estuary, meat and game from the mainland and spices from the distant Orient.


In an unprecedented and audacious coupling of gastronomy and art, of beauty and flavour, Venetian glass, from time immemorial synonymous with refinement and good taste, reveals its many fascinating and stylish aspects, brought back to life on the modern table through dishes like Risi e bisi or Sarde in saor.

Plates, bowls and glasses created by Murano’s most famous glassworks (Venini, Barovier & Toso, Seguso) and major contemporary Venetian and International Artists (Carlo Moretti, Massimo Micheluzzi) are reinvented in a new dimension and regain their relevance to the present day.


Worldwide appeal, and uncompromising excellence of 'Venice on a Plate but What a Plate' was acknowledged in 2013 by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, as 'Best Historical Recipes Book. A high accolade indeed!

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