Creating prestigious and unforgettable events, Enrica Rocca uses honest passion, savoir-faire and extensive experience, to ensure every event, every reception, every party is wholly unique. Enrica Rocca creations are an authentic blend of Venetian culinary history, originality, imagination and an uncompromising demand for quality.  An insatiable passion for excellence enables every Enrica Rocca occasion to exceed expectations for both corporations and private individuals. 

The success of your private event is guaranteed by Enrica Rocca herself, based on considerable experience with prestigious clients; from welcoming you at the airport and organising the perfect Hotel or Private Palazzo for your stay, to planning cocktails, lunches, dinners, private museum visits and trips to iconic cultural sites all especially tailored according to your own demands.  Venice is Enrica Rocca’s home, her inspiration. This gives her a unique ability to access possibilities unavailable to others, to search out and provide the hidden delights which will turn your dream event into reality.


Enrica Rocca has been instrumental in the success of a range of events for some wonderful clients, not only in Venice but around the world, many of whom remain close friends:


  • A beautifully romantic, atmospheric wedding amidst the canals and palazzos of Venice
  • Wonderful incentive events for Chanel Top Clients and other large Corporations
  • Masked dinners and balls for clients around the world
  • Press dinners for Swatch
  • Cooking demonstrations at Chicago’s ‘Eataly’, the largest Italian marketplace in the world


These are just a few of Enrica’s recent many triumphs.


The Enrica Rocca team will take the time to consider and develop your preferences, offering constructive advice to help you meet, and surpass, your own vision.  The environment will be considered and discussed.  Precise technical specifications will be evolved and followed.  True to her Venetian roots, and to her world class status, Enrica Rocca will ensure your event is exceptional, without equal.


Mastery, imagination and finesse of service characterises the “tasting” buffets where Enrica Rocca crafts a fusion of high-end cuisine with the latest taste trends, whilst maintaining Venetian authenticity. Flexibility to cater perfectly for any event is assured.

Underpinning the Enrica Rocca catering service is the freshness of local, seasonal produce; the simplicity and excellence of our creations are made to satisfy the taste and the discerning palates of our clients, and to educate the taste-buds.

Our priority is not only to satisfy but to surpass your expectations. Our team will assist you in constructing your own menu, with expert advice. Every meal is an experience for your senses, and leaves you craving the next opportunity.


Our Clients:

Cooking Experiences at the London Cooking School for top Yahoo advertising clients.

Press Dinners in Exclusive Private Palazzos for product and initiative launches.

Delivery of Delicious Italian Catering Buffets for Team Dinners

Gastronomic Day with Baccari Tours and Cicchetti Making Class at the Enrica Rocca Cooking School

Press event for Journalists for the launch of Mini Roadster.

Organisation of the Krug Ambassador Trips, including cooking classes, Baccari Tours and fresh sashimi at the Market…accompanied by Krug Champagne of course!

From consulting for IKEA Food, to organizing the 2016 kick off Cooking Contest for 500 Employees, IKEA can always count on us!

Organisation of spectacular incentive trips for top Chanel Clients, including VIP arrivals, La Fenice and private visits of exclusive venues.