Enrica Rocca’s Cooking School embodies most emphatically the Contessa’s love of all things food and all things Venetian.  It offers a unique opportunity to share knowledge, talent and passion within a warm and convivial atmosphere.  Characterising the classes, is the openness of inviting guests into Enrica’s homes in Venice and London, and into the home of her trusted friend Emma, in Cape Town creating the informality and joie de vivre of spending time with friends. Guests may shop together in the market, may prepare a variety of dishes dictated by the freshest of ingredients available on the day, and may share a meal with new found friends. Under the expert guidance of Enrica Rocca in Venice, her daughters Charlotte and Claire in London, and her friend Emma in Cape Town, guests will enjoy the unique and pleasurable experience of cooking authentic Italian food, drawing on the best ingredients available.

Enrica Rocca "The cooking Countess"