Italian cooking: eight noteworthy classes to try

Master your cooking skills with Italian-inspired classes that teach regional delicacies and gourmet specialties at a range of UK locations


For all the different foods available to us, the British fascination for Italian cookery shows no sign of waning. And while any mid-level cook can whip up a suitable pasta or standard risotto, a lesson from the masters can help elevate your skills.

Across the UK, culinary schools offer a wide variety of classes, which dig into regional specialities, feature celebrity chefs and highlight a range of premium ingredients and gourmet recipes. Try out one of the courses below to satisfy your passion for all foods Italian.


Enrica Rocca
Venetian Countess Enrica Rocca founded her cookery school in 2002 and her daughters Charlotte and Claire oversee the London operation. Spend a full day selecting and preparing ingredients from Portobello Market or a shorter class learning how to make cicchetti, a Venetian snack, followed by a seasonal Italian pasta or risotto dish and Tiramisu.

The Telegraph

I was delighted to hear from Enrica Rocca's people, she's a Venetian chef who has put her name to probably one of the best proseccos I've ever tasted (and I've tasted some prosecco in my time!). It's unbelievably smooth, and satisfyingly dry. Absolutely stunning! At the moment it's only available to buy in the UK online in six bottle crates for 72 Euros, but if you have a special occasion coming up I highly recommend splashing out. I'd love it to be sold in supermarkets, but that fantastic price per bottle comes from cutting out middle men and delivering straight from the producer.

Lets all move to Venice! Cheers!



Sarah Bearey
The Prosecco Diaries

Insider tour through Venice with Enrica Rocca

HUG Digital magazine
Jan/Mar 2015

Venice: A Tour of the Rialto Market with the Cooking Contessa – Enrica Rocca

Nally Bellati
Monday, December 8, 2014
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With each new course, Enrica appears to play it cool, but in fact she is carefully monitoring the degree of my delight.

After a while I tire of praising our work in words and just nod.

My brilliant, forceful, charming host could do many things extremely well.

But this, I realize, is her passion: cooking well, eating well and sharing both.

Robert Landon
Luxury lifestyle magazine international
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Enrica Rocca runs a cooking school beyond the ordinary. She’s an Italian cook of note and a flamboyant and passionate chef and restaurateur. She has Italian cooking in her blood and a contagious zest for life and food. Her dishes use two or three ingredients at most, well chosen, cooked with simplicity and brought to the table with gusto. Measurements are made by eye, timing done by instinct

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September 4th, 2004
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